and eldest daughter of the late Robert Williamson, of this Town, she died June the 26th, 1831, aged 45 years; also, Christopher Nelson, who died February the 13th, 1843, aged 66 years.

No. 49. Sacred to the memory of Mary, the wife of Samuel Dennison, who departed this life the 3 August, 1784, aged 20 years. She left issue an infant daughter, Laura; the above infant died the 1st May, 1785, aged 10 months; also, Mary Dennison, who died the 18th of Febry, 1806, aged 15 years; Laura Humphries died the 8th of December, 1809, aged 8 months.

No. 50. Sacred to the memory of John Grimston, aged 71 years; also, Mary Grimston, his wife, who died December 15th, 1789, aged 61 years; also, of Judith Grimston, daughter of the above John and Mary Grimston, who died 21st of October, 1826, aged 65 years.

No. 51. Charles Oxley, Alderman of Ripon, died the second day of August, Anno Dom. 1736, ætat. 64; near to him lieth Sarah, his wife, who died Augst. 28, 1753, aged 79; and Amor and Mary, his son and daughter; Ellen, wife of the above Amor Oxley, died 23rd Nov. 1773, aged 74 years.

No. 52. Here lyeth the body of Mrs. Dorothy Squire, relict of Henry Squire, of Bondgate, Esqr. who departed this life on the 15th of December, 1765, aged 64.

No. 53. Here rest the remains of Charles Oxley, Alderman, who died the 2nd day of February, 1757, in the 54th year of his age, as he was a person of strict honour and integrity, so he ever remained a steady friend to his town and country; Charles, son of Amor Oxly, and nephew to the above Charles, died February the 19th, 1775, aged 34 years; Ellen, widow of Alderman Oxley, died 15th of October, 1789, aged 77 years; Christopher Braithwaite, Aldn., died Nov. 14th, 1780, aged 75 years; Judith, his wife, the eldest daughter of Charles Oxley, Aldn., died 17th of March, 1783, aged 83 years; Christopher Oxley, son of the above Christopher Braithwaite, who changed his name pursuant to the will of his uncle Charles Oxley, departed this life the 10th day of August, A.D. 1803, in the 74th year of his age.

No. 54. Here lyeth the body of Henry Squire, Esqr., L.L.D., and Barrister at Law, died the 17th of February, 1757, aged 67.

No. 55. William Charnock, Esqr., of Littlethorpe, died January 25th, 1833, aged 67 years; also, Frances, relict of the above named William Charnock, who departed this life the 8th of March, 1837, aged 62 years.