municipio, fidelis atque utilis vixisset, suis bonisqe omnibus dederatissimus. Obijt 17 die Martij, anno Dom. 1705.

No. 30. Here lieth ye body of Mrs. Eliz. Baynes, who died April 23, 1723, aged 95 years. She was daughter of Mr. Francis Horner of Sykes, and wife of Mr. Rd. Baynes, of Lumley, in Nidderdale, by whom she had 4 sons, William, Walter, Richard, and Francis, and 4 daughters, Dorothy, Alice, Judith, and Elizabeth. This stone was here laid by her 2nd son Walter Baynes, of the Middle Temple, London, Esqr.

No. 31. Here lieth the body of Mr. Cornelious Craven, of Ripon, Grocer, who died the 21st day of October, 1756, aged 54; here lieth also the body of Ann Craven, widow of the above Cornelious Craven, who died the 24th day of Aug., 1792, aged 87.

No. 32. Here lies the body of Mary, the daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Walker, who died the 17th Octr., 1785, aged 22 years; also, Thomas Walker, Esqr., late of Ripon, who departed this life on the 2nd of June, 1809, aged 82 years; also, Elizabeth, the wife of the above Thomas Walker, Esqr., late of Ripon. She departed this life the 22nd of August, 1812, aged 81 years.

No. 33. Juliana, the wife of Chris. Braithwaite, departed this life ye 14 of April, 1769, aged 35 years. She left issue Francis and Juliana. Here also lieth Chris. the son of Chris. Braithwaite, who died in his infancy, and Elizabeth, his daughter, in her infancy; both by a second marriage with Elizabeth, the daughter of Edmund Braithwaite, Surgeon. She died the 1st Febry., 1773, aged 33 years.

No. 34. Sacred to the memory of Mary Brunton, who departed this life on the 1st day of Febry., 1825, in the 46th year of her age.

No. 35. William Bayne, of Ripon, Esqr., departed this life the 10th day of November, 1781, aged 62 years; also Mary, his wife, died the 17th day of July, 1791, aged 52 years.

No. 36. Sacred to the memory of Thomas Terry senior Alderman of the Corporation of this Town, who died the 14th of Decr., 1811, aged 62 years; also, Anna, wife of the above Thomas Terry, died Feby., 19th, 1821, aged 76 years; William, their son, who died Decr. 7th, 1795, aged 8 years.

No. 37. Here lieth the body of George, the son of Richard Grange; of Ripon, Grocer, who died the 11th day of June, 1752, aged 19; here also lieth Frances, wife of Richard Grange, who died January the 25th, 1776, aged 75; Richard Grange, Alderman, died the 13th of March, 1781, aged 70 years.