No. 16. Near this place is interr'd the body of Helen, the truely affectionate and most deservedly beloved wife of Roger Bayne, Gent, by whom she had nine children, whereof Hellen, Ann, Richard, and Roger yet survive; she was the only child of Mr. George Pickersgill, of this town by Elizabeth his wife, daughter of Mr. Christopher Walker, of Grewelthorp, and departed this life, March the 24th, (being Easter day), 1694-5 in the 34th year of her age.

Qualis erat, lector, vis scire? erat undiq. virtus. Hinc et chara viro, charaq. facta Deo. Fœmineu' accedat genus hoc ad marmor, ut inde discat quid conjux, quidq. sit esse Parens. Hoc ejus pietas posuit nè Dolor vè mariti? Ne quæras Causam hæc, Materiam ille dedit.—C. W., D. D., D. R.

[TRANSLATION.—Wouldst thou know the excellency of this person? She was virtue itself, which made her to be beloved by her husband, and dear to her God. Let womankind repair to this monument, that from thence they may learn the duty of a wife and the tenderness of a mother. Do not enquire whether it was erected in memory of her piety or the grief of her spouse? Her death was the occasion of it being placed here.-Supposed to be written by Chr. Wyvill, D.D., Dean of Ripon.

No. 17. To the memory of George Stevenson, of this town, who died December 30th, 1817, aged 33 years; and of Isabella, his wife, who died April the 12th, 1825, aged 31 years; also, of John, their son, who died in his infancy.

No. 18. This tablet is erected to the memory of George Stevenson, late of Givendale Grange, as a small tribute of conjugal affection, by Esther, his widow, he died Jan.1st, 1845, aged 29 years.

No. 19. Sacred to the memory of John Grimston, Esqre., who died March 22nd, 1831, in his 73rd year; and of Jane, his wife, who died Octr. 7th, 1833, in her 70th year.

No. 20. Sacred to the memory of the Revd. Francis Wanley, D.D., many years the justly respected Dean of Ripon and Rector of Stokesley, he married Jane, (one of the sisters of the Right Hon. Sir John Goodricke, Bart., late of Ribstone,) and her remains are deposited in this Cathedral near those of her Husband and their son William; F. W. died in 1791, aged 82; I. W., 1788, aged 70; W. W. 1786, aged 43.

No. 21. Sacred to the memory of Anna Maria, wife of Thomas Grimston, M, D., and youngest daughter of the Rev. Charles Fynes Clinton, L.L.D., Prebendary of Westminster; she died August. 11th, 1835, aged 39 years; Thomas Grimston, M. D., died February 2nd, 1839, aged 43 years.