opton, who died on the 6th of March, 1821, aged 61; and to his son, George Coates, B.A., of University College, Oxford, who died April 24th, 1824, aged 24 years. Thus early he closed a life remarkable for dutiful affection to a widow'd mother, and for the faithful practice of every christian virtue, while his death-bed exemplified the peace and humility of those who, like him, gloried "in the cross of Our Lord Jesus Christ."

No. 8. To the memory of the late John Elliott, Esq., of Elliot House, near Ripon, Commander R.N., having entered the naval service of his country early in life, he circumnavigated the globe as a Midshipman in the Resolution, under the command of the celebrated Capt. Cook; he subsequently served as a Lieut. of the Ajax of 74 guns, and was present in Lord Rodney's glorious action of the 12th of April, 1782, in which he was severely wounded; he resided at Elliott House many years, greatly respected for his strict integrity and uprightness in all the relations of life; he was born Jany. 11th, 1759, and died September 17th, 1834; also to the memory of Isabella Elliott, his beloved wife, who was born Nov. 22nd, 1762, and died July 9th, 1841, generally respected for her amiability and domestic virtues; likewise to the memory of the following children of the above, Charles Frederick Elliott, born May 17th, 1790, and died January 4th, 1791; Gilbert Elliott, born February 13th 1795, and died May 17th 1795 ; Maria Elliott, born Novr. 14th, 1797, and died Sept. 3rd, 1800; Charles Bowes Elliott, born July 25th, 1791, and died at Durham, Nov.2, 1801; Charlotte Eleanor Elliot, born Oct. 4th, 1803, and died April 17th, 1812; Frederick Edmund Elliot, born Novr. 1st, 1808, and died June 18th, 1821; Anna Maria, the beloved wife of the Revd. William Hough, incumbent of Hambleton, in the county of Lancaster, born Oct. 18th, 1802, and died, deeply lamented, Nov. 18th, 1844.

No. 9. Erected to preserve in remembrance Samuel Coates, Alderman of Ripon, justly esteemed for the moral and industrious habits of his life, he died on the 9th of February, 1809, aged 87 years. This memorial is a tribute of affection from his eldest surviving son Edward Coates.

No. 10. "There stands hard by the font, an altar-tomb covered with a slab of grey marble, on the horizontal surface of which is sculptured, in low relief, the representation of a man and a lion in a grove of trees, and concealing some wild tale in a black letter inscription that time has irretrievably mouldered from the vertical