No. 3. Sacred to the memory of Charles Floyer, Esqr., who died Sep. 7th, 1766, aged 51.

No. 4. Sacred to the memory of William Finney, Esqr., of Ripon, who departed this life the 19th day of February, 1813, aged 103 years ; and, of Easter, his wife, who departed this life at Whitworth, in the county of Lancaster, the 13th day of October, 1813, aged 74 years; also, of Grace, their daughter, who departed this life, the 19th day of August, 1827, aged 51 years.

No. 5. Sacred to the memory of Margaret, the wife of Charles Oxley, Esqr., youngest daughter of Edmund Lodge, Esqr., of Willow Hall, in this county. She departed this life, the sixth day of February, in the year of our Lord 1819, aged 39 years, leaving issue three sons and one daughter.

No. 6. Here lieth intombed the bodio of Hvgh Ripley, late of this towne, Mercheant, who was the last Wakeman, & thrice Maior, by whose good endeavours this towne first became a Maioralite, & lived to the age of 84 yeeres, & died in the yeere of our Lord 1637.

Others seeke titles to their tombes,
Thy deeds to thy name prove new wombes,
And 'scvtcheons to deck their herse,
Which thou need'st not take teares and veres.
If I shovld praise thy thriving witt,
Or thy weigh'd jvdgement seasoning it,
Thy eaven & thy like straight ends,
Thy pietie to God and friends,
Thy last wovld still the greatest be
And yet all ioyntly less then the.
Thov stvdiest conscience more than fame,
Still to thy gathred self the same.
Thy gold was not thy saint, nor wealth
Pvrchas'd by rapine worse than stealth,
Nor did'st thov brooding o'er it sit.
Not doeing good till death with it.
This men may blvsh at when they see,
What thy deeds were, what theirs shovld be.
Thov'rt gone before, and I waite now,
T' expect my when and make my how,
Which if my Jesus grant like thine,
Who wets my grave's noe friend of mine.

The former monument having been defaced in the time of the time of the civil wars, this was erected by the Corporation, A. D. 1730.

South Aisle of the Body.

No. 7. Sacred to the memory of George Coates, Esq., of Bish-